Yes, the Best Steak Marinade

Tonight for supper I tried a new recipe! Something that I’ve struggled with since getting married is my insecurities when cooking supper. I’m a good cook, I think. But, my three boys (hubby and two step-sons) are soooo picky that I think I’ve become more sensitive! I want them to love every meal…especially my hubs. I find it hard because I love to try lots of new things and they don’t! So, tonight I tried a new marinade. I loved it! My hubby didn’t. He’s not a big soy sauce fan, but he was a trooper and ate his whole steak! So, I learned that he doesn’t have to fall in love with every meal I make and he’s not going to leave me if I make something that isn’t his new favorite! 

Here is the recipe ( I marinated rib eyes and the hubs grilled them):

1/8c soy sauce                        2/3 T garlic

1/8 c olive oil                           1 1/8T basil

1/8 c lemon juice                     2/3 T parsley

1/8 c Worcestershire sauce     1/3 t pepper


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