Yoga Pants or Evening Gown?

I’m not going to lie..I’ve never been cutting edge when it comes to fashion! I’ve never really been “with” the trends or a “hip” dresser. In fact, I’ve usually gone against what is popular, just merely because I would rather be uber comfortable than wear what’s “in”. Even growing up I was more comfortable in jeans, a tshirt or sweatshirt and tennis shoes. The minute I get home from work (or anytime I’m not at work), you can typically find me in yoga pants (or shorts) and a tshirt! I’m all about comfort! Sure I own some nice clothes and can look the part of a “girly girl” if I want, but it isn’t typically something I desire!

Since I’ve met my husband and especially since we’ve been married  I’ve become much more thoughtful about what I put on.  Well, some of the time.  At home I’m still usually in comfy shorts or yoga pants and a tank or t-shirt, but when we go “out” (our out is shopping or dinner) I try to put on something a little nicer.  It might be leggings and a top or jeans and a nice shirt!  At other times to be honest, it’s still jeans and a sweatshirt.

The other night we were heading out to a work dinner for hubby’s job and I was FREAKING out about what to wear and it made me start thinking…thinking back to recent events/  I was thinking about whenever we were going to something that my hubby was represented in or for, I freaked out about what to wear!  It dawned on me, that I think more about what people think of me when I’m next to him than any other time.  I want to look good for him, I want to look good to represent him well, and I want him to be proud to be seen with me!  So, after much deliberation this is what I ended up with


Leggings, a long fitted sweater, cropped black sweater, a necklace of pinks & purples, & black ballet flats (not the best picture I know…I haven’t mastered the “selfie” yet.  I don’t know what other people thought of me or my outfit and I know that in the end it doesn’t matter, but I hope I represented my husband well and that he was proud to be seen with me!

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