Too Much of a Good Thing??

FRESH garden produce!  I love this time of year!  I love having fresh garden produce!  In our garden we are either currently growing or have grown: green beans, onions, radishes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, & cucumbers.  Last weekend when the hubs and I went camping we got some sweet corn and it was awesome!  We grilled it in the husk over the campfire and then just spread it with butter and salt!  It got a slightly smoky flavor to it and was delish!  But…after 6 ears in a 24 hour period, my gut hurt and I didn’t want to see another ear for a very long time!


My husband is an agronomist, so he’s good at fertilizing the garden just right to produce a generous amount of produce, which is great…but to be honest, I’m about to the point that I don’t want to eat another garden fresh green bean (and they are my favorite).  I can no longer snack on a cherry tomatoes, and one can only make creamy cucumber salad so long!  They are so healthy and this is the only time of year we get this kind of produce in Iowa, but…may there is such a thing as too much of a good thing?

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