Pinterest, You Life Sucking Wonderment!

Ah, Pinterest! How I love thee, let me count the ways…pinterest-logo

Are you a Pinterest lover? Do you have a Pinterest obsession like mine? I am the queen of Pinterest…meaning, I pin a lot of things and rarely do anything with said pins.  Pinterest is one of those things that seems to suck your time and energy and yet, gives such pleasure!  I finally kicked the Candy Crush addiction,but I don’t know how I feel about kicking the Pinterest addiction.  I sit down to check out just a couple pins and 30 minutes later, supper is burning the laundry isn’t folding itself, but I’ve repinned more recipes than we can ever eat and pinned more home projects than we could ever afford to take on!  Yet, I feel accomplished because I thought about those things! And really?  How many Pin Boards can one person have or even need? (For the record…I have 40 boards!!!!) I didn’t even think I had that many till I sat down to count them!  What kind of boards do I have?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to list all 40 of them, but some of my most popular are

  • Main Dishes
  • Baked Goods
  • I Sure Do Love That Man
  • Food (cause I don’t have that covered already!) :-/
  • Exercise
  • Do It Yourself
Screenshot 2014-08-23 11.15.43

The beginning of my board titled “Food”

So…how many things have I tried off my pins?  Probably 30 total between recipes, a few DIY projects (much to my hubby’s dismay) and exercises (abs especially).  So, why do I keep pinning?  Probably because I LOVE it!  I love getting new ideas and recipes.  I’ve gotten quite a few fun activities for my board, “Summer Days with the Boys” that the 10 year old has especially liked.  It makes me feel domestic, it makes me feel accomplished (why, I don’t know).  If I stop pinning, I’ll have to stop cooking, right?

It’s like everything else in life…moderation if our friend.  So, recently I took a small sabbatical (about two weeks) from Pinterest and it seemed to help!  I don’t feel the need to check it every day.  I check it when I have a few free moments an then move on with life!

Do you pin?  What’s your most popular board?

2 thoughts on “Pinterest, You Life Sucking Wonderment!

  1. I pin. I do. Not as much as I once did but I do love to check it out and see what is going on. Probably my most popular board is my Homemade Greeting Cards board and I love to see what others are doing and get ideas and pin them there. It CAN be a huge time consumer, though, so I have to monitor myself. I can very easily spend an hour there….or more….

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