Ridiculed for Eating Healthy?

Warning!  This post may come off as a rant!  

I try to be a healthy person (for whatever that means). I count my calories on week days, I exercise 5 times a week. I have struggled with anorexia for the past 12 years. (That post is for another day), but I feel like I’m at a really healthy point in my life right now.

Did you know that more than 1/3 of Americans (or 78.6 million) are considered obese? Now, this post is not going to ridicule people who struggle with weight because I get that and I know it truly is a struggle for some people. On the flip side, continue reading to know what it sometimes feels like to be one of the “healthy” or “fit” ones.

The other day I was in a group of people and someone singled me out as someone who never eats unhealthy, who won’t just eat whatever is put in front of me. “You need to eat something fatty!” “You never eat junk food” were actual statements aimed at me. I find it interesting that while the country continues to struggle with obesity and that statistic rises every month and year, I, as someone who works really hard to eat healthy, stay active, make healthy choices for my body is ridiculed for “not eating junk food”.  Did you know Iowa has one of the highest obescity rates in the US?  We’re in the category of 30-35% obese!  That’s sad to me and it’s even sadder that I get “shamed” for not being part of that group!

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.fasinfat.org/

Photo Courtesy of: http://www.fasinfat.org/

I’m definitely not one to judge people. I believe we can never truly understand what someone else is going through and I know a lot of people struggle with weight for reasons other than laziness, but why am I made to feel shame and scorn for choosing a healthy lifestyle.  The flip side of that is that not everyone knows what it’s like to struggle with anorexia.  (Again, that’s a whole other post).

Everyone has struggles.  Everyone has things that challenge them in life.  We all just need to be nicer!  It seems like that is getting harder and harder today!  We need to learn to accept people as they are.  Just remember to not judge someone and watch your words…you never know how they may affect someone!

5 thoughts on “Ridiculed for Eating Healthy?

  1. Thanks for being so open Katy. I’m sorry you were mocked for eating healthy! I think our obesity problem is partly due to convenience, availability and affordability. (And I’m saying that as someone with an obese BMI.) Being healthy takes work and I give you props for working hard to be healthy!


  2. Katy—thank you for this post. I admire your honesty and your willingness to be open with what is an issue for a lot of folks. I don’t get how we can be so mean to others for every single thing. I think we all just need to practice being nice. A little nice goes a long way and you never truly know what someone else is going through, do you? Never. Hugs to you, my friend!


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