The Day After…

One would think that since I’ve grown to be an adult that I would stop having the blues on the Day After.  Remember, Christmas as a child?  You would be so excited for Christmas (or a birthday) and that anticipation would build and build over the days leading up to it.  Then, the day arrives, you open presents, you spend time with family, and then the next day you feel so let down, you want to cry!  Ok, maybe not everyone experienced this as a child surrounding Christmas or birthdays, but I sure did and I still do!  Not necessarily just with holidays anymore either.

For the last couple years, my hubby and I take a long weekend over the Labor Day holiday weekend and go camping, just him and me.  It’s a great time to focus on each other without the interruption of kids, dog, or the reminder of chores that need to be done around home.  This year without fail, we took our trip.  We enjoyed our time at the Amana Colonies (that post later) and as we were driving home last night (12 hours early due to the severe storms that were about to pass through Iowa), I wanted to cry!  I definitely felt the “Day After” emotions!  I was sad that the weather was screwing up our plans; I was sad the weekend was over and that I had to come back to reality; I was sad that my husband and I wouldn’t be each others sole focus once we return home.  (As much as all married couples would like to think that isn’t true, it is.  Real life brings us distractions such as kids, home chores, work, etc and it takes more effort to focus on each other as individuals and as a couple.)  I knew that it wasn’t all true because in reality I love being a step-mom, I love taking care of our home that gives us such wonderful feelings, I love our jobs, etc.  But, it is that “down” of coming off a vacation (and the escape from the real world) that got to me.

Waking up this morning in our bed felt great!  Picking up the dog from my mom’s and the boys from their moms was awesome!  To have our house full and “normal” again is great and I’m reminded that even though vacation was GREAT, being home in our day to day life is really what we (as a couple) are all about!  This is the greatest there is!


2 thoughts on “The Day After…

  1. I totally get this, Katy! I always get the post holiday blues when the excitement is over and everyone is gone. Always. Can’t wait to read about your trip to the Amana Colonies. Love that place!


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