The Hurricane of Life!

The SS10 spent the weekend with my mom and step-dad while we took SS14 and his girlfriend to the Iowa State football game. Apparently the 10 year old has a much better time at grandma and grandpa’s house because he didn’t want to come home with us last night. Of course grandma and grandpa didn’t argue, so he stayed! (One of the things I love best about where our boys are being raised is their proximity to my parents who love them as their own and my mom and step-dad just live about 10 blocks from us, so it’s very convenient.)

This morning I worked in my home office for awhile and had some business to take care of before leaving for the 10yo’s first football game!  Shortly after coming upstairs (from showering) to get ready my parents dropped the 10yo off and there I am in my nightgown with a towel on my head. My parents are talking to me about the weekend, the dog is barking and peeing on the floor because she’s so excited to see everyone, the 10yo is arguing with me about what time we have to leave for the game, and my husband is in the other room blissfully entranced in his own world!  I literally felt like I was in the middle of a storm or that I was actually dreaming and this was some cruel joke!

Isn’t that the way as parents and wives?  It can be a complete calm and the next minute you’re being hit with the hurricane called life!  As the dust settled (my parents left, the 10yo went to his room to prep for the game, and the dog finally calmed down) I partially wanted to laugh at myself (and could only imagine the scene if I had been looking from the outside in) and cry!  Just when I think I have this “parenting” and “married” thing down and in a good routine, the hurricane shows up and reminds me that I’m still learning as I go!

2 thoughts on “The Hurricane of Life!

  1. As long as you continue to learn you will be just fine. It is when you think you know it all that things go crazy! Hurricanes are good at times because I think it helps you enjoy the calm days so much more. Great post, Katy!


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