The Great Roast Beef Debacle

My life has been pretty crazy lately with changes. The other night I had prepped a roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions in the crock pot.  I ran home from finishing up one of the last days at my current job before flying off to a meeting for my new job!  In the short time that I was home, my hubby said, “I’ll take care of the leftovers” to which I replied, “what does that mean to you?” and he replied, “put them away”.  That sufficed me at the time.  Oh…I should have clarified more!  Now, in his defense, he did just that.  He put all the leftovers in a container…literally, all of them all together in one container.  Now, as women we know what happens to beef broth as things cook and then as they cool.  I know I’m a bit neurotic and to be quiet honest, I’m ok with it!  But, sometimes those neuroses end up causing more problems than good!  (Imagine that!)

When, as husbands and wives, are we supposed to take each others efforts and just smile?  When, is it ok to be upset that things weren’t done just as we would have wanted them done?  Or, that they weren’t done in a way that was truly productive or effective?  After discovering the brick that had become in my fridge, I spent the next 20 minutes or so working all the different aspects apart and sadly, had to throw the beef broth out.  I felt like it would have been more productive for me to have done it when I got home.

I appreciate my husbands attempt to help and yet, somehow, I was frustrated that it wasn’t done the way I had wanted it done.  He knew I was frustrated and after he’d left to run an errand I couldn’t help but feel bad.  I felt bad for getting so upset with him for trying to help me.  I felt bad for letting my temper get the best of me.  I felt bad for not being there like I feel I should be as a wife to take care of those things.

Balancing a marriage, a work life, kids, and hobbies is hard!  It’s lots of little lessons and I’m always learning as I go!

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