Do I Need A Therapist?

I’m not sure there isn’t a woman in today’s world (or probably ever) that hasn’t thought this!  Do I need a therapist?  Am I just being a normal neurotic woman?  Am I really ready to go off the deep end?  Would the therapist just laugh at me and say “this is life sweetie, deal with it”?  Lately I’ve found myself thinking these things.  I’ve thought this for several reasons, so hang on…Reason #1 I think I might need a therapist: Being a step-mom is hard work.  Being a parent is hard work.  I don’t think anyone would ever argue those two points, but…if you haven’t been a step-parent, please don’t judge us.  Please don’t make assumptions that we “get off easy” because they aren’t biologically our children.  Blood is only blood, right?  The relationship makes the rest.  I feel like I’ve established and built a great relationship with my step-sons.  I do view them as though they were my own, as in I love them as though they were my biological children.  When something is wrong with them (physically), I don’t get to be there for them.  When there’s something at school, I’m not the first person contacted.  I respect both my husband and the boys’ mother and their roles as their “biological parents”.  But, sometimes…I want to be heard, I want my feelings to be considered.  It’s so hard!!  I would put myself in front of a semi if it meant the boys were safe and happy!  But, I don’t get my name on the emergency call list at school!  It’s just hard.  I don’t know what I expected when I took on this role, but I just want to say that IT’S HARD!

Reason #2 I think I might need a therapist:  I still struggle daily with my body-image problems.  I’ve battled anorexia now for about 13 years.  While I haven’t had it acutely the last 5 years or so, it’s something that I still think about every day.  I think about every bite of food that goes in my mouth (regardless how much I like it or how good that brownie tasted).  I think about how many calories does it have.  I think about how many minutes of exercise I’m going to need to do to burn it off.  I think about how much fat is in it.  I also criticize every outfit I put on.  Does it make me look fat?Is it too tight?

Reason #3 I think I might need a therapist: I work in a world of all men now!  I’m surrounded by men at home.  I don’t have a lot of close girlfriend to vent to, bounce womanly things off of.  Conversations that may go something like this, “Did you see her post on Facebook?  I  can’t believe she said that!”  “The other day I just broke down crying and I don’t know why” “The other day this guy said the stupidest thing”.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!

Somehow I have a feeling I’m not the only woman in the world to think these things, but some days I just wonder if I really do need a therapist.  I also know that I will figure things out and I will work through them…that’s all part of Learning As I Go!

8 thoughts on “Do I Need A Therapist?

  1. You both are not alone. Even though I do not have the stresses and all that comes with being a step mom I know that the emotional side of things is always something to keep in check. And as hormones (in my case) zing back and forth I find myself struggling. You can ALWAYS call me anytime, Katy. I am a good listener. Seriously. I mean it. You have a lot going on. Keep smiling.

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