Growing Up On A Farm

The boys and I spent an afternoon on my dad’s farm not long ago! We had so much fun and they enjoyed it so much. We helped him chop wood, shell corn, pick pumpkins, and we even made homemade apple cider (Check that experience out HERE)!! They’ve always lived in town and have never gotten to experience living on a farm like I did.

Making homemade apple cider!

Making homemade apple cider!

Shelling corn by hand for the horses and cows!

Shelling corn by hand for the horses and cows!

When I first sat down and thought about this post, I was going to go in the direction of what we did, etc. Then, as I thought more, it made me think about the lessons I learned growing up on a farm. I hope that my boys get a small taste of this as they spend time on my dad’s farm with him.

What did I learn growing up on a farm?

  • We work hard, we play hard!
  • Food is grown, produced, and worked for…it does not just magically appear on our table!
  • Sometimes, life isn’t fair.  Sometimes your favorite cat gets run over by a car.  The world will not end and you will have a favorite cat again!
  • Our food source can also be our friend (cows, chickens, etc).  It doesn’t mean we don’t have a heart, it’s just our reality.  We learn the circle of life early on.
  • A little mud on your hands and sand in your mouth will not cause you to fall ill and die!
  • A mud bath in the garden on a hot summer day is good for your skin…ok, maybe not, but it made you more tolerable to be around when your mom was tired of you being in the house whining.
  • Nature, animals, and your brother can be your best friends.  You don’t need 12 neighborhood kids!
  • A rock garden and exploring the cattle yards is more entertaining than a Wii or XBox!
  • If you want something, you have to earn it!  It’s hard work!  It will serve you later in life!
  • A little dust on things in the house doesn’t make you a bad housekeeper.

And ultimately, the number one thing is that Life is pretty dang good on a farm!

Chopping wood for campfires next summer!

Chopping wood for campfires next summer!

Often times I wish my boys were growing up on a farm.  I wish they were getting to experience the things I did as a child, but…I’ve also come to realize that it’s OK if they don’t because I can instill the same principals in them that my parents instilled in me, regardless of where they live!  That’s all part of Learning As I Go!

2 thoughts on “Growing Up On A Farm

  1. You definitely said all the things that are the positives of living on a farm. It is hard work but doesn’t it just teach you such discipline and great work ethic?? When I think of all the farmers I know that is what I think of—-very deep work ethic and also that “I will do anything for you” concept which is not always present today. Great post, Katy!

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