#TastyTuesday – Cheesy Sausage Skillett

Welcome to this weeks installment of #TastyTuesday.  I love it when I find a new recipe that is successful! I tried this new recipe last winter and it was a hit! It’s hearty and is full of flavor and goes together easily at night after work, which is a huge plus for me!  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Cheesy Sausage &

You begin by cutting your ring bologna into slices or bite size pieces whichever you prefer and sautee in a deep fry pan with the onion and garlic.  Sautee everything long enough to get some crisp on the bologna and make sure the onions are slightly cooked.  Then, add the chicken broth, pasta, milk, and tomatoes (drain them first).  Simmer until the pasta is tender to your liking, stir in the cheese!  It’s as easy as that!


A few disclaimers about this dish:  I didn’t have any Rotel in the house the last time I made this, which is why you don’t see them in the picture above! If you should limit your sodium intake, this is not the recipe for you!  Also, while this dish is VERY flavorful, it can also be a bit heavy!  Not to say it isn’t delicious, but T & I have found that we like it the best when we want something more on the line of comfort foods or something a little more rib-sticking!  ENJOY!

Comments For A Cause:  For every comment on my blog this month, I am donating 50 cents to the Franklin County Food Bank, so please feel free to leave me some feedback!

4 thoughts on “#TastyTuesday – Cheesy Sausage Skillett

  1. I had never even heard of ring bologna until I met my husband – it’s so good! Yep, dishes like that are so high in sodium, but once in a while it’s a nice treat – just have to drink a lot of water afterwards though! Found you through Ally from Sweet & Savory 😀


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