Fit Friday – Elliptical Challenge

I’ve decided that I’m going to start something new on my blog! I’m going to start Fit Friday in which I talk about something fitness related or about living a healthy lifestyle! Fitness and a healthy lifestyle is something that I am passionate about, so I figure it’s only fitting! For my first installment, I’m going to share with you a workout that I recently completed for the first time and was pretty sure I was taken to the edge of fitness hell and then brought back! I run on a regular basis (3-5 times a week) and know how important it is to cross train and give my body a rest, but have trouble finding a workout that challenges me and gives me as much of a workout high as running…until now!

Elliptical Workout

Good luck! Remember, it’s all about keeping the legs moving, you don’t have to break any speed records! So much of physical fitness and choosing a healthy lifestyle is more about a battle of the mind! While I was struggling to complete this killer workout, it was a matter of letting my will win over my desire to give up and get off the machine! I completed it and burned those calories and helped my body to be healthier! I’m stronger than I thought and that is all part of Learning As I Go!

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