#FitFriday – Upper Body Pyramid

I hate lifting weights!  I’m going to come right out and say it!  If I could have my way about things, I would run every day and not do anything else, but I know that to be healthy and fit, I need to tone muscle and give my knees and hips a rest!  I recently found this Upper Body Strength Pyramid & I really enjoy it!  It’s quick and easy to do!  The other great thing is that you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to complete it!  Just some free weights (dumbbells) and a chair!

FitFriday–Upper Body Pyramid

Remember, to truly be fit and healthy you need to find a balance of core & strength training along with heart-pumping cardio.  Don’t forget to throw in a well-balanced diet!  It’s hard to juggle it all and if you need help getting there, I have people that I can put you in contact with!  I’ve learned that I’m healthier and feel better when I am balanced on all of these items!  I guess that’s all part of Learning As I Go!

3 thoughts on “#FitFriday – Upper Body Pyramid

  1. I agree, I sometimes forget the importance of that strength, especially in the summer/fall when I am running a lot. I think that is why I am loving my PiYo challenge group right now because it is strength and much needed flexibility that I needed after running Park 2 Park Half. I feel like I lost a lot of upper body strength this summer, but am getting it back. I will have to give this pyramid a try, looks tough! 🙂

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