NatureBox vs. Graze – the Great Debate

Who doesn’t love a little love in the mail? Something other than a bill? I think that’s why I’m addicted to subscription boxes! Something fun in the mail, nothing I have to pay…ok, well, I did pay for it, but….I think you get the point.  

So, I found Graze this summer and that is where my relationship with subscription boxes started!  Graze is a great subscription that you can get for only $6 a delivery with packaged treats in it.  You can go through their website and look at all the treats and rate them based on if you’d like them or not!  I tend to like their savory carbs (breadsticks, crackers, etc) and the dried fruit treats.  You can have a box delivered once a week or once every 3 weeks.  You can change the date of your delivery if you so choose.  I took part in Graze for several months and only recently suspended my subscription (meaning I push back my delivery dates and only becasue I have so many treats to eat right now that I need to work through those).  I love Graze because the treats come in individual packing and so there isn’t a lot of self-control involved to stop you from eating an entire package.  I also love that you can select Calorie Counter packages (that’s what I’ve always gotten) and the snacks are around 100 calories (give or take a few). My two favorite treats from Graze are the Lime Raisins…yes, there really is such a thing and their caramel sauce, which is heavenly!  (Yes, I may have been known to scoop it out of the cup with my finger…it’s that good!)

NatureBox on the left & Graze on the right (I told you I had a lot of both)

NatureBox on the left & Graze on the right (I told you I had a lot of both)

Then, NatureBox came into my life.  I got a coupon code from someone to get a sampler box for free and who can turn that offer down?  I was so excited with my first sampling of NatureBox.  The coconut cashews were amazing and that Cashew Crumble (cashews coated in crispy cookie coating)?  Hello??  How can you not love that?  I was so excited I went ahead with my first paid box delivery.  I let them surprise me with the treats, but customized my account to some that I thought I would like.  I picked out Citrus Kick Almonds and was very disappointed, but NatureBox has amazing customer service and replaced it with something else (the Apple Cinnamon Crave is AMAZING).  My two other favorites currently are the Fiji Rings (dried Fiji apple rings) and the Flax Fortune Coins (think a little healthier version of fortune cookies)!  I want a whole box of those!!!! Those are the things I love about NatureBox…great snacks and even better customer service!  The thing I don’t like?  The bigger packages in which I have to ration out a serving.  Yes, I know I can do it and I do, but I’m a big convenience person and it’s much more convenient to have it already done for me!  I’ve also currently cancelled my NatureBox subscription, but I’m sure I’ll be back. Remember, I said I have waaaaay too many snacks right now?

I need to finish these and get through the Christmas strain on my budget before I revisit.  Which one will I revisit? I’m not sure yet, but I’m thinking that I’m going to give NatureBox a try again and pick my own snacks, which is a plus of their subscription.  But, time will tell!

Did I help you decide between Graze & NatureBox?  Clearly, I’m torn I have to pick one or the other?  I didn’t think so either!  That’s all part of Learning As I Go!


All the thoughts about Graze & NatureBox are my own and I was not compensated in any way to write these reviews or post.  

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