#FitFriday – Just A Mom Giving it A “Tri”

It’s #FitFriday and I think after all the holiday eating yesterday we can all use a little motivation to get out and burn some calories!  I’m so honored to have guest blogger from Schmitt Family Fitness & Just A Mom Giving It  A “Tri”, Jennifer with me!  She has a great mission going on right now called 100K by Christmas and I encourage you to check her blog out and this mission and join in!  I know it helped me get off my butt today and go for my run, even though I wanted to be lazy!

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be able to share a little bit of my fitness story on this Fit Friday addition on Katy’s blog!

Here is a little comparison picture so you know where I am coming from and what I have “Learned as I went!”
You see in August of 2011, I was inspired by our local hometown hero that was taken from us while defending our country. I attended church with Jon “JT” Tumilson through our childhood years, his father built my parents’ house, my husband and I actually started our life together renting his mother’s childhood farm from her.


John Tumilson memorial

Unfortunately, it took losing our hero for me to be inspired to sign up for my first sprint triathlon. Jon was an athlete and seeing the images of him competing in triathlons pushed me to sign up and work to be the best that I can be. Jon was a Navy Seal, one of the best, and now every day I am striving to be the best I can be whether it is through my fitness, nutrition, being a mother, wife, daughter, or friend.

I completed my first sprint triathlon and fell in love with the sport. I went from being an overweight non-athlete to a triathlete! The moral of this story is that ANYONE can go from couch potato to runner or couch potato to walker or even couch potato to marathoner! You just have to Go Crush It.


After the finish line!

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