Comments for A Cause: Rossi House

Before I introduce this months Comments for A Cause, I’m happy to announce that I will be delivering a check for $14 to the Franklin County Food Pantry, along with several grocery sacks of donations from my efforts in November!  Thank you to everyone who either donated or commented! 

Now, meet Aubrey!  547bd6dbaf3d792e55a1a5c4

Aubrey was born on August 29th at only 26 weeks!  After a couple weeks of mom, Lacey, being on bedrest and having several complications, Aubrey entered the world.  Thankfully for Aubrey and her parents they were in good hands at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.  She has been in excellent hands since then and Lacey & Blair are so grateful for the wonderful doctors & nurses at the hospital along with the benefit of the Rossi House, which is where Lacey stays for the majority of the week to be with Aubrey.

Lacey has become a good friend of mine over the last several years and I stay up to date with Aubrey’s progress via their CaringBridge site as well as hearing stories from Aubrey’s grandma.  Aubrey is growing stronger every day and hopefully will be able to join her family at home by Christmas.

Michael reading to his little sister!

Michael reading to his little sister!


Whether this happens or not, Lacey & Blair are grateful to have access to the Rossi House.  The Rossi House only charges $10 a night for pediatric families.  They have cupboards of food available, plates, and free laundry for families.  They rely mostly on donations to provide for the families and I have felt God tugging at my heart strings a lot the last couple weeks to give back to people who utilize this service.  So, in the month of December, for every comment that is made on my blog, I will be donating 50 cents to the Rossi House.  If you’d like to help out, comment on my posts or contact me if you’d like to make a donation and I will directly you in the right direction!


Photos Courtesy of Lacey Elphic

Blair, Lacey, Aubrey, & Michael

Blair, Lacey, Aubrey, & Michael

34 thoughts on “Comments for A Cause: Rossi House

  1. This is fantastic! My twin nephews were born at 24 weeks and are 7 years old now. It is amazing what can be done now to help these little ones. Blessings to all.

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  2. What a great cause and I know Blair and Lacey are so grateful to have a place to stay when there with Aubrey. They are two extremely loving parents and I am so glad that you are making this your cause!

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  3. We didn’t use this facility when chase was in n out of hosp several times this summer but knew of its existence and thought it was great for the people who needed it. Ur awesome for wanting to help in any way possible. We took down some tie blankets and some food for the family pantry when we were there for last appt. they really appreciate any help people r willing to give.

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  4. Katie thank you for thinking of all of the parents. To know that there is a safe place for them to rest while worrying about their little ones is important. I know it has helped Lacey and Blair during this difficult time. One less stress is always a good thing.

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  5. Thank you for sharing with others, about this great resource. Also, your idea for donations. I’m glad the Elphic family and so many other families have access to this!

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