One of Those Days

Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who commented on any of my posts in December!  We were able to raise $26.00 for the Rossi House!  The exciting part is that this is almost double what I donated last month!  Thank you all for having great hearts!

I met my mom for a walk this other day. As I met her, I said, “Please tell me that you had days when I was little that you thought…it’s only 11AM, it’s not too late to start drinking!” Oh boy did she laugh at me! (And then she proceeded to tell me that she didn’t think of drinking, but of finding someone to pawn me off on!  Comforting and yet disturbing all at once!)

I love being a wife and a step mom! I love that people depend on me and I love when I make them happy! But, there are times that I am suprised by a couple things:
a. that someone (T) has actually entrusted me to help raise his boys
b. that I haven’t gone completely insane yet by living in a house full of boys.
c. how much I really do not want any more kids

Christmas is a great time of the year!  The house is full and decorated.  You get to eat goodies that you don’t get to eat any other time.  You get to enjoy extra time with family and friends.

Christmas can also be a hard time, especially for us women.  The house is full and decorated (it seems to make cleaning harder and then there is the dreaded activity of putting it all away).  You get to eat goodies that you don’t get to eat any other time (and worry about putting on extra weight).  You get to enjoy extra time with family & friends (and worry about balancing time with each family, hold siblings off each other, etc)


That day…was one of those days in our house.  The youngest one was sick (had been to the doctor for two different meds).  The older one was frustrated with a Christmas gift he couldn’t play due to a broken game console.  We had all been together 24/7 since Tuesday night.  Tempers broke and well….you can only imagine what happened next.  Between them, my temper (which is short at times), T’s temper (short at times…thankfully not when mine is)…it was the verge of World War III in our house.

Thankfully, that walk with my mom came at the right time, meds kicked in for the little one, and T was able to fix the game console issue, and all is well in our house again!  Supper was a hit, boys were playing together charmingly, and T and I watched a movie!

Parenting and marriage is work some days.  Some days it’s full of joy, some days its full of frustration and heartache.  Today was one of the days that contained all of those and it just proves that every day I’m Learning As I Go!

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