#TastyTuesday – Meal Planning Part 3 – Meatball Sub Casserole

I have to admit that I’ve been really enjoying the fruits of my meal planning! It’s great to know that I have all the ingredients for a recipe OR have the meal already made up and in the freezer. Last week we continued our adventure in our selection of recipes.  Monday night we utilized the benefits of having all the ingredients in the house! I whipped up a half batch of Meatball Sub Casserole as it was just T & I.Meatball Sub Casserole

I  made a half batch, but only cut the first 4 ingredients in half.  (T likes meatballs and I like a lot of sauce, so…thus became this partially halved recipe.)  Begin by slicing your french bread.  I slice my bread relatively thick because the sauce will really soak in and if you don’t, the bread essentially disappears.  Then, combine your cream cheese, mayo, & Italian seasoning.  Spread this on the slices of bread (one side only) and place the bread, dry side down, in a glass baking dish.  (I ended up using an 8×8 pan and used 5 slices of bread and about 2/3 of my cheese mixture.)  After that, spread your frozen meatballs (I used Italian seasoned bagged meatballs. I’m sure one could make some up and freeze, but this was easier for me).  I also used a whole bag due to T’s love of meatballs.  Then, spread your sauce over the top of your meatballs (again, I used a whole jar because I really like sauce) and top with mozzarella  Cover with foil and bake 30-35minutes at 350.  1229141830

I have to make a confession to make here and say that I forgot the foil when I made it and my cheese didn’t melt appropriately, but it still tasted good!  ( I must also note that after trial & error…this recipe is not good reheated!  It gets very watery and soggy, YUCK!)  I hope you enjoy it!  We found it to be a good rib-sticking meal on a cold Iowa winter day!  What will next week bring?

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