#FitFriday – SparkPeople’s Total Body Sculpt

I received a #RealisticResolution package for the purposes of reviewing.  All thoughts & opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

0108151742Thanks to my awesome #RealisticResolution package from Gorton’s Seafood & SparkPeople, I received the DVD from SparkPeople “Total Body Sculpt”.

I’m usually very leary of workout DVD’s because I either feel like they don’t give me the results that I would like or require much more coordination than I have (I’m very uncoordinated and that’s why I stick to running and lifting weights with some elliptical thrown in every once in awhile.)

Sunday afternoon I needed some exercise (traditionally Saturday & Sunday are my rest days).  It was COLD and I had this new DVD, so I decided to give it a try.  There are three major different sections to the DVD: ballet-inspired barre routine, equipment-free fat blaster, & heart-pumping dumbbell workout.  It also comes with a 4-minute warmup and cool-down section. It also has a hand guide inside to help everyone set a workout schedule based on their level of physical fitness!0108151743

On Sunday I tackled the warm-up and cool down as well as the equipment-free fat blaster. On Tuesday morning (due to extremely cold temps & lots of snow) I stayed in the basement at home and took on the barre routine as well as the dumbbell workout.  The things that I really liked about this DVD are that it pushed me in certain areas and made my heart pump.  It combined both cardio & toning.  It was straight to the point and I definitely worked up a sweat!

It’s great to mix things up in your workout every once in awhile.  It helps you avoid boredom and in return, giving up and walking away from your healthy lifestyle and healthy choices.  I would recommend this DVD and lucky for you, you can enter to win a prize package that I’m giving away thanks to Gorton’s Seafood & SparkPeople which will contain this same DVD!

You can enter here:a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also, join me in the #RealisticResolution Challenge!  It is providing me with great nutirional tips & goals every day!  You can join me HERE!

Good luck and I hope you join me!!

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