Feeding the 4-H Club, A Mom’s Cheat Sheet!

Alright moms and step-moms…we’ve all been there before, right? You get the note or phone call that tells you of the good news! You’ve been volunteered to bring snacks or treats for the next 4H club meeting (or girl scouts, an event at school, etc). YAY! The world rejoices that you get to add this to your long list of “to dos” this week. Oh wait, maybe the rest of the world rejoices while mom’s around the world grumble! Well ladies, I have a short-cut, or a cheat sheet, that will make you look like you slaved for hours in the kitchen!

You’re going to make my Easy Bar recipe and not have any pans to clean up and will get your bars cut all in the same size and shape (without needing some fancy brownie cutting pan)!

So, the first step to cheating is the bar recipe!  easy barFor your combination of cake mix and stir ins, you can do about anything you’d like.  You could do a spice cake mix with nuts, chocolate with chocolate chip, peanut butter with chocolate chips, chocolate with peanut butter chips…your imagination can run wild here.  I chose yellow cake mix with chocolate chips to mimic chocolate chip bars.  I also did a box of fudge brownies.

Here are the rest of your cheats:

  1. Before pouring batter into pans, line your pans with parchment paper!  No need for cooking spray, which means less mess and you can lift the bars right up out of the pans and no having to wash pans!!
  2. Use a pizza cutter to cut your bars!  It saves so much time compared using a knife and hoping you cut through and barever piece is the same side.  You can also easily cut off the edges, since we know kids don’t like to eat that part anyway!
  3. Buy juice packs!  Please don’t buy pop (as a parent, I cringe when I see my kid come out of a meeting at 7PM on a Monday night with a can of Mountain Dew)!  I bought juice packs and I bought more than enough…any extras can be used in a lunch box!  (No waste)

There you go!  It’s that simple to look like you slaved away making bars from scratch and meticulously cutting them!  After all, isn’t part of being a parent, finding the hacks in life?  It’s all part of Learning As I Go!

PS – those edges you cut off with your pizza cutter…those are your reward for feeding the group!

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