Dear Amy…

3 days ago I lost someone new to my life, but she had managed to weave her way into my life on a level that I hadn’t quite understood until now and now there”s a big hole in my days and my life.

Dear Amy, 

I can’t believe you’re gone.  In fact, it doesn’t feel real except that I miss your Tweets, your Instagrams, and your Facebook posts.  I miss the photos of Patches and Spenser and the view from your home.  I miss a new selfie or seeing what you’ve been up to.  I miss you “favoriting” a Tweet or Instagram that I post.  I miss you commenting on my blog posts.  

I’m amazed at how much of a hole is in my daily life without you.  But, I’m amazed at the impact you’ve had on my life.  I’m amazed at what I learned from you.  I know you’re not supposed to live in the world of should have/would have/could have, but I can’t help it right now.  

I should have told you sooner how much you meant to me and how much I learned from you!  I could have attended more events and gotten to know you better.  If I would had taken more time maybe I would have learned even more from you and about you.  

One of the many fabulous North Iowa Blogger events with Amy at it!

One of the many fabulous North Iowa Blogger events with Amy at it!

But, sweet angel, I did learn from you!  I learned to smile.  Smile more, smile all the time…even if it hurts and if it’s hard, smile!  Love with your whole heart ALL THE TIME!  Live passionately.  Believe in yourself…be strong in your convictions and have faith in yourself.  Be kind to all, you never know what they may be dealing with or facing currently.  Be open to new and changes, always learning.  Hold fast in your faith…even when it’s easy in today’s world to stray.  Dream and go after your dreams, do the work and you will reap the benefits.

This picture epitomizes the joy that Amy lived her life with!

This picture epitomizes the joy that Amy lived her life with!

I learned so much in the short time I knew you.  I can’t believe what those, who knew you better and longer, learned from you and are feeling right now.  I know how much my heart hurts and the gap in my life right now…I pray for your family and Spenser.  I pray they feel peace and strength.  I pray that I continue to feel you in my life on a regular basis because what you brought to my life, I don’t want to forget!  

Amy Elizabeth Hild, September 9, 1987 - Februar 25th 2015

Amy Elizabeth Hild, September 9, 1987 – February 25th 2015

You are so missed already my friend and we will all continue to miss you for the days, months, and years ahead, but know that you touched so many people in your short time on Earth and we will take what we learned from you and make our lives and those around us better.  



PS -I will always treasure my logo because YOU made it for me!  I’m so glad I have that part of you!

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