Comments for A Cause: Amy Hild Memorial Fund

Disclosure:  I’m sorry this is a bit delayed getting going, but as you read on, I think you will understand why. 

Before stepping into this month’s Cause, let’s recap February!  February was Library Lover’s Month.  As I’ve gotten to know more about the Sheffield Public Library I was excited to show my appreciation for libraries in general, but especially to the ladies at this library for (what I think) is a fantastic job they do with their programming considering the size of their library and town!  I’m happy to report that due to your commenting, I have presented the library with a check for $23.00 (50 cents for each comment made).  They will be using this to go towards their Summer Reading Program!

Presenting library director Jill, her check!

Presenting library director Jill, her check!

This month, my cause is the Amy Elizabeth Hild Memorial Fund and to be honest, I can’t believe I’m typing that!  On February 25th, the fellow #NorthIowaBlogger was killed in a tragic car accident.  She is greatly missed, but was such an amazing person that a Memorial Fund has been set up in her memory to do amazing things with.  (You can read more about her HERE)  For every comment that is made on my blog this month, I will donate 50 cents to the Amy’s Memorial Fund.  So, please comment like you’ve never commented before!

Amy Elizabeth Hild, 1987-2015

Amy Elizabeth Hild, 1987-2015

27 thoughts on “Comments for A Cause: Amy Hild Memorial Fund

  1. Great thing to do…! The North Iowa Bloggers were behind me at the funeral, neat to hear you guys after seeing glimpses online of the group here & there from Amy’s posts. Amy was going to marry my cousin – she was a great girl and we all loved her and her spark for life. One thing that keeps our memories of our loved ones alive is by others remembering them and talking about them – I hope people do that for Amy for years and years and years. 🙂

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  2. What a great way to honor Amy! I didn’t know her well but after all these posts & blogs about her. I feel like I do. I can’t imagine the loss that her family, fiancé & friends are feeling. Hugs &!Peace to you all.

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