Saving the Best for Last

How do you eat your meal? Do you mix everything up and eat it all at once? Do you eat it in rotation..a little bit at a time of everything? Do you eat all of one thing first? Do you save your favorite thing till last?

I will admit that I traditionally eat my meals a few bites of everything on rotation…keeping things even, bu if there is something that I really love then I tend to hord it till the end!  At Applebee’s, I always order the Fiesta Lime Chicken and I always eat the cheesy and yet crisp tortilla strips last.  At our local restuarant 7 Stars when I order an omelet, I always keep the middle two bites till last (becuase that’s the best part, full of ingredients and flavor).

Not only do I have a tendancy to keep the best parts of food till the end, but I have a tendancy to keep my favorite clothes in “hiding” of sorts.  For some reason I have it in the my head that because it’s my favorite I need to keep it nice for a special occasion.  What ends up happening is that I hardly wear it and then it goes out of style or it doesn’t fit right anymore!


What about the rest of our lives?  Are we saving the best till last?  Do we have our priorities in line?  Sometimes I think we have a tendency to push the best parts of our lives to the back or almost “save the best of it till last.”  How many of us put our chores, jobs, and maybe even technology and social media before our family & friends?  It can be hard to balance and juggle everything we all have going on in our lives, but it’s important to not save the best for last especially in this situation!

We all know that life is very short so why do we save the best till last?  I’ve decided that I’m going to make an effort to put the best first! Will you join me?

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