Scared of Growing Old?

See you around Katy, hopefully sometime soon to celebrate 15 years! 

When I heard this the other day so many thoughts went through my head.  What is this guy talking about?  Celebrate 15 years of what?  Oh goodness!!!  He’s talking about our 15 year high school class reunion!!

Yes, I’ve been out of high school for almost 15 years now!  In fact, the other day T asked me how old I feel.  My response?  Most of the time I feel about 28.  When I’m helping to parent our boys, following them around in all their activities, and making sure that our house is running smoothly, I do feel older…closer to my actual age if not older!

In the past couple years I’ve seen (on Facebook) and talked to several people around me who have expressed a dislike with aging. I’m talking comments like “I’m so depressed about turning ___” and “I’m still trying to come to grips with being ___”. Now, let me stop here and say that if you are one of these people, I’m very sorry that this is something you struggle with and I hope you find your peace about aging soon!  But, I digress….

I do not have an issue (nor have I ever) with growing old!  Aging and the number behind my age going up each year has never bothered me.  While my peers around me have struggled with aging, I feel like a fine wine and that every year myself and my life gets better and better.  I attribute these feelings to a couple different reasons:

1.  Good Genetics – I will admit that I come from great genetics.  My grandmother died around the age of 89 and barely had wrinkles (in  comparison to her age).  She hadn’t really grayed until much later in life.  And, to be honest…for both my parents being 60…they look fantastic and they both are very energetic.  So, I have great genetics to set me up for feeling good.  If you’ve seen a picture of me, then you know I also have a “young” look.  I’m told on a regular basis that I don’t look 33.  Traditionally I get guessed around 24-26 years of age and if I’m out with girlfriends, I still get ID’d for adult beverages.

2.  A Healthy Lifestyle – I attribute my decision to live a healthy lifestyle to helping me feel not just “young”, but also good and happy!  Because I feel good on the insides (guts & emotionally) and I also take care of my outside by working out and taking care of my skin…I feel great as a whole package.  (Now, don’t get me wrong…some days I just feel yucky!  That’s just life!)

3.  An Understanding of Me – in the several years after graduating from high school and college I was in the minority….I wasn’t getting married.  I started down that path and decided that I wasn’t ready for where I was heading.  While others were getting married and starting a family, I was deciding and working towards figuring out who I was and what I wanted and also what I deserved.  At the time I felt left out of these stages in life, but I know now that everything happened exactly according to God’s perfect plan!  Because I was able to take the time for me I feel that I am a better wife and step-mom and feel much more fulfilled by the life that I have with my guys!

I understand that not everyone has the same experiences in life and everyone processes things differently, but as I hear others around me talk about their fears and struggles with growing older, I’m grateful, once again, that God has blessed me with a peace of heart in this area! It’s all part of Learning As I Go!


6 thoughts on “Scared of Growing Old?

  1. It is a wonderful thing to feel good about yourself and to realize that you are exactly perfect because that is how God made you. Sometimes it takes awhile to get there but once you do you realize that it is all part of the bigger plan, right?

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