Dear 16 Year Old Katy…

Do you know one of the coolest things about having friends that are bloggers?  They make you think about things you really hadn’t thought about before.  That’s what Beth Ann of It’s Just Life did when she wrote a letter to her 16-year-old self!  So, after much thought and consideration…here’s my letter to myself at 16! 

Dear 16 Year Old Katy,

First, those braces that make your school pictures just horrible…don’t worry, they are coming off soon and it will be totally worth it because you will get endless compliments on your smile for years to come! Also, thank your mom and dad for their financial investment into your mouth (and remember how thankful you are when you’re the one investing in a mouth full of braces for a kid)! Those fangs you had weren’t very becoming on you and thankfully they recognized it!  The rest of that school picture that is awkward (the weird haircut, the acne, and glasses) those will all go away and you won’t feel so out-of-place!

September 1996 ( I was actually 15)...yuck!

September 1996 ( I was actually 15)…yuck!

There are some additional things you need to know and keep in mind as you grow and mature!

Stay true to yourself. Yes, there will be some years down the road in which you will veer off the path, try to conform to the group around you, change for that special guy in your life, but ultimately rely on your faith in God and inner strength and what your mom and dad taught you and you will end in a good place.  It really isn’t worth “being cool” when you ditch everything you’ve ever believed in and/or stood for!  You got this!

Boys will always be there!  I know how badly you want that ONE guy to look your way or think of you as more than just “the friend”, but I promise it will be okay.  Boys will always be a struggle for you, I’m sorry!  You will find a few nice ones, a few bad ones, and a more than a few that you thought were good but end up not being a good match.  You will date several, your family will tease you about you “flavor of the month”, but remember what you want in a partner and husband and you WILL find it.  It won’t be when you think it will be and it won’t be in the way you thought, but I promise it will SO be worth it.  Because when you find HIM…everything will change (in a good way)!  You will know what it really means to be loved, cared for, supported, and adored.  Yes, you will KNOW how much he loves you because he will SHOW it daily and tell you!  He

September 1998 ( I was 17)...awkward photo!!!

September 1998 ( I was 17)…awkward photo!!!

will be the perfect teammate for you.  He will challenge you (your stubbornness is not for the weak of heart), not give in to you all the time and help you grow!  And…you will love him with every fiber of your being, so be patient!

Family comes in all shapes and sizes. You know those 6 kids you want right now?  That’s fine if that’s where you end up, but keep in mind that families come in all shapes and sizes and you will have a fantastic one!  You will become a very important part in some kids’ lives!  You will love the kids around you and you will help to make their lives better!  Don’t doubt your abilities as a parent, you will do just fine and remember that you will grow as a parent, just as much as the kids you love will grow!

Your heart will ache and it will heal. I know things are rough right now with your mom and dad divorcing.  It’s not fair to go through that at any age, let alone 16…like being a teenager isn’t hard enough, right?  But, your heart will heal (don’t get me wrong, there will always be some eternal aches) and you will have a great life.  You will have to experience some heartache on other levels…saying goodbye to friends, boy friends, family members, it is all a part of life.  Again, your heart will heal and you will learn from the heartaches. You will grow and be a better person.

Life is going to get good!  You are going to grow, experience, develop, and change and it will all be good.  Will it be easy?  Definitely not, but that’s what will give you the opportunity to become a better person.  Remember, life is going to get good…no, it’s going to get GREAT!

What would you write to yourself at 16?  Join us in this thought-provoking adventure!


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13 thoughts on “Dear 16 Year Old Katy…

  1. Love this. The more I read your blog, the more I realize we have a LOT in common. My parents divorced when I was 18. Couldn’t decide if it was worse going through it at that age, or if it would have been better younger. Either way, it stunk. But on the other side of it, I’m definitely a stronger person. Thanks for being so honest.


    • I completely understand! While I was old enough to figure out how to deal with my feelings (ha!) I was also old enough to realize EVERYTHING that was going on! Yes, it stunk big time!


  2. Love this and love seeing the younger version of you with that radiant smile. Thanks for joining in. It makes you think, doesn’t it??? I am going to add your link to my blogpost ! Thanks for joining in!

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  4. 16 was still awkward for me. I would tell my young self that even if those other HS girls are smaller,you are not fat by any means (size 12) and have more confidence. By 17 I found my sweetheart whom I’d later marry so what a difference a year makes.

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