M is 11!

You’ll forgive me if #TastyTuesday takes a week off so I can recognize M’s 11th birthday right?  I appreciate it!  It’s amazing to me the longer that the boys and I are in each others lives how much I love them and how much more connected to them I become!

Dear M,

You’re 11 today!  I don’t know how it happened!  Do you know that you had just turned 6 when you and your deep brown eyes entered my life?  I could have sworn it was just yesterday!!  I wasn’t there when you were born, or when you took your first steps or said your first words, but you have had, for years now and will continue forever and always, a special place in my heart!  You are such an amazing little boy (and really, not so little anymore as you are on a quest to be bigger than me and you pride yourself in every inch closer that you get!)  I want to keep you little!  I want to keep folding your little clothes, although they keep getting bigger and bigger!  I’m not ready for you to grow up, but I know it’s going to happen no matter what! 

You weren’t quite so sure about me when I first started coming around!  You liked me because I would play games with you and make tacos!  That’s how we started out, do you remember?  We would have taco nights on Fridays and then play a game!  I will always remember the first time you asked me to come with you, dad, & R to go do something.  My heart melted!  You’re such a daddy’s boy and that is NOT a bad thing!  You’ve always clung close to dad and it’s one of the things that makes me love you and your dad so much! 

We haven’t always gotten along perfectly and you’ve taught me a lot about how to be a parent and you’ve taught me to be more patient (you are NOT by the way…patient…at all)!!  Do you know why we butt heads some times?  It’s because we’re so dang much alike!  I don’t know how it’s possible, but you are my mini-me as far as personality is concerned!  Even Granny has said it!  I’ve had to learn how to be patient, compassionate, understanding, and firm all at the same time!  You’ve challenged me to be a better person (without you even knowing it)! 

Now, about you!  You are such an incredible kid!  I’ve never met anyone who has the zest and passion for life that you do!  You love your legos, riding bike, playing with your friends, getting dirty (I think you like to challenge me and see what kind of stains I can get out of clothes), riding the 4 Wheelers with dad, playing Xbox, playing any kind of game as a family, spending time with Lynn, your friends at school!  You name it, as long as you’re doing something…you’re happy! 

You’re so funny!  You don’t even know when you’re being funny half the time!  You’re an honest person!  In fact, I never really have to worry about you lying to dad and I because I know the truth will eat you up inside until you spill it, so sometimes we just sit back and wait…you’ll come clean! 🙂  You have a big heart!  You will play with anyone!  You don’t care what color their skin is, how old they are, if they have one leg, or three eyes…if they’ll play with you and be nice, you’ll be their friend!  That is amazing quality, don’t lose it!  You are determined!  You know when you want something and won’t give up until you get it.  While sometimes right now that drives us nuts, it’s also a great attribute and will serve you well some day as you grow older and reach for your dreams! 

While I can’t believe that you are already 11!  I can’t believe that you’ve let me into your life as you have!  You are my Dootie and no one will ever hold that spot in my heart, other than you!  I hope you know how much I love you and what I would do for you!  You are 1/3 of my world! 

Love Always & Forever,


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