What is Your Why?

I run. I’m a runner. I love to run! Why do I run? It’s because I want to be fit and healthy and because it releases the stress in my life! (Ok, it actually releases endorphins that override the stress in my life…at least for a short period of time, but either way it makes me feel better!) I am a wife.  I am married.  Why am I married?  Because I love my husband, love being part of a team, and love to feel wanted & needed.  I am a step-mom.  I am a parent.  Why do I have kids?  Well, that’s kind of a trick question considering they were a package deal with marrying T, but…had I not wanted to take on this role, I wouldn’t have even dated T.  I love the boys.  I love to help them grow, develop, and learn.  I love to take care of them!  I love to see them grow and become amazing young men!

All of these aspects in my life have their joys and their challenges.  Why do I do all of them?  Because I WANT to.  Because I GET something out of each one of them.  Recently I have had 2 different people tell me, “I need someone to train me to push me when it gets tough and to keep me motivated”.  While I appreciate their honesty, I disagree with this.  Motivation must come from within.  As a wellness instructor (yes, I teach fitness class too) I can tell you what moves to do to get you more physically fit.  But, I can’t motivate you!  Will showing you pictures of slender models motivate you?  Would me yelling at you motivate you?  Would me standing next to you saying, “you can do it” motivate you?  While our gut reaction might be to say “yes”, we all know deep down that this isn’t so!

In order to be successful at anything we all must know our “why”.  Why are we doing whatever we are doing?  Why do I want to succeed at whatever the task at hand is?  I’m a gadget runner!  This means I love my iPod (don’t run without it), always have a watch (lap counter & stop watch inside or GPS watch outside which gives me distance, calories burned, pace of run, etc).  The other day I forgot my iPod at home, which was charging over the weekend! GASP!  I know, right?  I actually contemplated NOT running because of it.  Then, I told myself that I could run one mile…I got through one mile of no music and told myself I could make it to 2 miles…then, I told myself that this really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I made it to my 3.33 miles!  As I ran that last 1.33 miles, I thought about why I run.  Do I run because the music motivates me?  While I’ve always thought that (beat of the music to my running cadence), I realized this week that isn’t the case.  I run because I love it and because I love the way I feel when I’m done and how it makes my body feel on a regular basis.  THAT’s my why!  And each aspect of our life has a different why!


Are you struggling to find your why in life?  Be patient, focus on it and it will come to you!  If it doesn’t, then it’s not really important to you!  Each persons why and area of whys will be different and that’s ok!   Sometimes finding our why can be a struggle!  I’ve been “lost” in my life several times and trying to find my why.  It took me awhile and in different parts of my life the why has been different, but I’ve persevered and feel confident in my “whys” right now.  I guess that’s all part of Learning As I Go!

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6 thoughts on “What is Your Why?

  1. Great post! You’re absolutely right, by the way. I would love to be a runner, but I don’t like it or want it enough to get started. On the topic of fitness, I am still learning to find things I truly love. Water aerobics and swimming? LOVE. Running? It’s a work in progress. Maybe someday I’ll love it.

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  2. You are so right—-it is not the other person that can motivate. It has to come from within. I am a walker, not a runner. And I need to get back into it like I used to be . Thanks for the reminder that it is up to ME!

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