Beer Soaked Porkchops

Beer, pork…hello? How can that not equal good? The other morning I set out with a package of frozen boneless pork ribeyes and knew that I didn’t want to do our normal grilling (grill with Cavendars seasoning) and wondered what I could come up with fast (I needed to leave for work in a matter of 5 minutes).  So, I looked in my fridge and cupboards and decided what the heck, let’s give this a try!

Beer Soaked Porkchops

I don’t have any measurements on that recipe because well, I didn’t use any!  I reached into the fridge and grabbed a can of Bud Light Lime (I’m sure you could use any other light lager you have in your house, but I also am sure that the lime flavor added something to the chops!) and poured a portion of the can into a shallow dish (that had a lid).  Then, I sprinkled the rest of the ingredients into the dish and mixed it all up!  I would guess that I used 1/2-3/4 teaspoon of each!  Then, I placed my frozen ribeye pork chops (yes, still frozen…that’s how well I planned ahead this week) into the dish and put the lid on it and left it on the counter (knowing T would swing by through during the day and move them to the fridge).

When I got home I found out that T would be working later than expected (spring fieldwork time) and so I contemplated what to do.  You see, the electric switch on our grill went out some time ago and we’ve never bothered to fix it or replace the grill because T always does the grilling and just starts the grill with a lighter.  I just knew that the flavor of these pork chops would be lost if I baked or fried them, so outside I went with my tongs (to lift up the grate) and lighter.  I know enough about grills to know where to stick the lighter, but our grill is just enough different that I was nervous.  Never fear…I got the grill lit, our house didn’t burn down, and I have all my original eyebrows!  YAY for small victories in life!  I grilled those pork chops to what I considered perfection and enjoyed mine with a side of roasted broccoli!  (You can find that recipe HERE!)  T got home quite late and warmed his chop up in the microwave quick..much to both of our surprise it was still very juicy and tender!


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did and it will definitely be one that we revisit this summer!

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