We Need In-Home Pet Sitters & a PETCO Giveaway!

In case you didn’t know, Nike is our beloved Shiba Inu.  She is the queen of our family and the only other female in my boy-dominated house! She is also very much a momma’s girl and a diva! I wrote a whole post dedicated to her awhile back that you can find HERE!

Spring is here and summertime is fast approaching.  Nike LOVES this time of year for several reasons.  She loves just laying outside and watch the world go by. She also loves this time of year because the whole family spends lot’s of extra time outside and much more of it together!

Nike checking things out in the camper!

Nike checking things out in the camper!

The other main reason she LOVES the summertime is because we go camping!  She LOVES to camp with us!  She is actually quite good when we camp and loves to smell everything new, see all the other people, and most importantly go on walks and adventures around the campground.  However…when we go on our week-long family vacation, she does not go with us!  There are too many variables which make it difficult and unfair to her and to us to travel with a dog.  So, we normally take her to my mom’s house for Granny Camp! She loves it at my mom’s house, however….we are so excited that my Mom and step-dad will be joining us on vacation this year, so we are on the search for a pet sitter for both our & their dogs!  THis is harder than we expected!  That’s where In Home Pet Sitters would be very handy if they offered service in my area!!  In Home Pet Sitters is your one stop shop when it comes to caring for your pets. From dog walks to companionship for your pets, In Home Pet Sitters has you covered. I have teamed up with In Home Pet Sitters to offer you an opportunity to win a $100 Giftcard to Petco.

Enter by clicking on the picture of Nike below, and you may find yourself the winner of a $100 Giftcard to Petco.





4 thoughts on “We Need In-Home Pet Sitters & a PETCO Giveaway!

  1. We are running into this same dilemma this summer. Well, not the same. Jeromy and I rarely travel together, but this summer we will be. We ended up having to get my sister to stay with the dogs. Thankful for her help, but you’re right, a service like this would be excellent!

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