I’m Not A Farmer, I’m An #agwife & I Have An Opinion (Just like you!)

I don’t live on a farm. I live in town. I don’t farm. I am a City Clerk. My husband doesn’t farm. He is a Field Sale Agronomist. But, I am an #agwife!  There are days during the year that I am a “farm widow” (meaning T works late and I’m home alone or attending events alone).  There are times during the year that I’m a “single step-mom” because T is working.  His phone can ring at any time of the day, week day or weekend, with a farmer needing something and he delivers!  There are sacrifices that our family makes for the sake of farming.  We don’t plan trips on the weekends during planting and harvest season.  T misses some of the boys’ activities to be assisting his farmers.  Some days, T doesn’t get a lunch unless I pack one for him.  But, we wouldn’t have it any other way because we firmly believe in what the farmers are doing for our country and world.

I grew up on a farm, my whole family has practically been farmers at some point in their life or still are, my dad lives on a farm and farms, and my boys and I love spending time there!  However, we aren’t farmers, but we are still very closely connected to the agricultural and farming life.  You see my husband is a Field Sales Agronomist.  It is his job to sell seed, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, soil testing, and other products to the farmer.  It is his job to know which products are best for the farmers an help them make educated decisions.  While his job IS sales driven, it isn’t what is the core of him and his job!  One of the many things I love about my hubby is his heart.  He truly puts the best interest of the farmer and his land before a sale.  While sales are great, he isn’t going to recommend something to one of his customers if he doesn’t think it’s really going to be beneficial to them.

Recently, just like everyone else in the world, I’ve seen lots of negative things on the Internet about farmers, chemicals, GMO’s, and their practices. I  take this to heart just as much as the farmers themselves for several reasons.  The first being selfish, which is that the sale of herbicides, insecticides, fertilizer, and seed is what supports my family, but also because I know the TRUTH about these products and the practices of farmers all around.wpid-instaquote-19-04-2015-11-07-28.png

While I don’t want this post to become a political one, I do want to say to have kindness in your heart when you learn about farming and the practices.  Take the time to really get to KNOW it, not just what you read online and make sure your sources are reputable and from people who are actually “hands on” in the process!  Be accepting.  I may not agree with your decision to lead an organic non-GMO lifestyle, but I won’t ridicule you and dismiss you as uneducated for it, so please do not do the same to those who choose otherwise.  We are lucky enough to live in a society in which we have choices and we all need to learn to respect each others choices!

Please be aware of what the farmers in today’s world are REALLY doing for society.  Take some time and get to know one personally.  Spend time on their farm before you make your decisions.  Really learn why they do what they do!  Realize that farmers and farmers families (and all of us involved in the farming profession) sacrifice to feed the world.  I’m not claiming to have all the answers, but to be honest, none of us do and realizing that is all part of Learning As I Go!

12 thoughts on “I’m Not A Farmer, I’m An #agwife & I Have An Opinion (Just like you!)

  1. Great post! I love reading all of these viewpoints from so many bloggers about ag and farming. I think in reality, we all serve the ag/farming business in some capacity. I work for a large insurance company and our primary customer? FARMERS. Heck, the word FARM is even in our name (hint). 🙂 I think so many of us rely on the farmer’s success as our livelihood as well.

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    • Thank you! You are absolutely right in that we are all entwined with agriculture and especially here in the Midwest! Whether we like it or not, our economy is VERY dependent on agriculture and just like all other professions and aspects of life there are many ways to go about it. One is not the absolute right one and we don’t need to be disrespectful and mean to each other! 🙂


    • Absolutely! We are so lucky to have choices and the freedom to make the choices we want. I think every once in awhile we have to be reminded to respect each other and those choices!


  2. Great post. But ultimately; people shouldn’t feel the need to explain why they have an opinion. We are all entitled to one! (Maybe not entitled to be respected or listened to – but all entitled to an opinion.) Unfortunately many rocks are currently being thrown by a small number of Australian farmers on twitter, at others they perceive as being ‘unqualified’ to comment on agriculture. Despite the people being criticised having some sort of direct connection with farming – as it happens. And despite many of the best advocates for agriculture, not being involved in hands-on agriculture. Respect cuts both ways, as you’ve mentioned; and united is infinitely stronger than divided. So your post is a timely one, for Australians on twitter, who are interested in agriculture. It’s madness to see people who have farmer’s best interests at heart, being publicly berated. Someone even said yesterday that they didn’t think anyone should be paid for agvocating, when others are doing it for nothing. Ultimately, who cares who speaks up for farmers; paid or unpaid, so long as it’s positive/useful! Thankfully it’s just a small number of people doing the rock throwing. Hope this isn’t happening in the US & Canada.


  3. Thanks Katy, Great post, as someone who works as an Agribusiness Rep, and who travels a lot in the bush , you have captured what my wife and family goes through. As someone who lives in the city, and ply’s his trade in the country. I hope articles like these, can educate city folk and thus can bridge the City Country gap, which I feel gets wider every year. Floyd


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