T-Shirts & Tears

I folded another “little” shirt the other night and put it on the stack of shirts to sell or giveaway! As I did a tear rolled down my cheek!  M has been growing at a rapid pace lately! Too fast for my liking!! Every weekend when I do laundry, I’m folding at least one shirt that has gotten too small or one pair of pants that look more like capris, or a pair of shorts that are on their way to looking like volleyball shorts…these go into a pile to either giveaway or sell (depending on how long they’ve been around and what kind of conditions they’ve been introduced to during their life in our home)!!

I have so many mixed flavors about the boys growing up!  First, it’s happening WAY too fast!  Granted, the boys and I first started spending time together about the time that M turned 6, so it’s only been about 5 years! I say only 5 years and yet in my next thought I think “it’s already been 5 years?”  How can I be so schitzophrenic about this??  These boys are growing at what seems like lthe speed of light  R has been 6ft. or taller for about 9 months now and still has a little over a month before he turns 15!  M has probably grown 4 inches since Christmas!  How does this happen?

The other emotion I feel about the boys growing up is pride!  I’m so proud of the young men that they are becoming!  They truly are becoming respectful, polite, smart young men! Its such a bittersweet feeling becasue I know what great men they are going to make and yet, it means they are growing and getting closer to being out on their own.  I mean R graduates in 4 years??  Did I pass out for a few years?!?

The first camping trip we took the boys on!  They were 6 & 10! It seems like yesterday!

The first camping trip we took the boys on! They were 6 & 10! It seems like yesterday!

As I stand in my bathroom and look at the tub of toys that hasn’t been played with in several weeks, my heart hurts.  It longs for the days when M is asking me to read books to him while he plays in the tub or him asking T for a piggy back ride.  I came in mid-childhood and I would love to to relive the last 5 years again!  But, I know that I can’t and know that the future is going to bring amazing experiences and futures for these boys.

I feel honored and blessed to be watching these boys grow up and to be helping in that process!  I just wish that time would slow down!  I never really grasped what my parents meant when they said that the time flies, but I guess experiencing that and understanding it is all part of Learning As I Go!

6 thoughts on “T-Shirts & Tears

  1. I can totally relate. As Micah turned 30 last week (and no—I was not born in 1940 like Jeni thought) I realized how I don’t have boys anymore –I have young men. It is what we all know will happen eventually but when it does it just feels like it is wrong somehow. I have my moments when I mourn those long ago days but then I realize that this is “my” time and all those responsibilities and hectic times of their younger days are gone and I can just enjoy the time with the hubby. When we are together, that is. 🙂

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    • That is an awesome way to look at it! And, I try to focus on the awesome young men that my boys are becoming! It’s so hard sometimes though! Thanks for your thoughts! It’s always good to know you’re not alone with this emotions! 😉

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