Are You the Food Police??

Warning!  I’m stepping up on my soap box!

My friend Jeni at Jeni Eats recently wrote a post about being a food snob! A food snob, I am not!! (She isn’t either by the way and you can read more about that HERE) but she brings up a very important item of business that I felt so strongly about that I decided to write a post myself…well, to be honest I was commenting on her post and when I looked up after typing with a fury I had written a LARGE paragraph and thought, “someone else’s blog is not the place for my soap box!”  So, here I am asking you, “Are you the food police?”  “Do you have a license to judge me for what I eat and what I feed my family?”  It seems that in today’s world so many people have strayed into a world of being Judgy McJudgerson!  If you don’t agree with me (be it politics, religion, food choices, etc) then you’re wrong and a horrible person.  Whether you are Christian, Jewish, atheist, Republican, Democrat, pro-GMO, non-GMO, vegan, pro-red meat, organic, pro-processed foods it isn’t your place to judge others who may be different than yourself.  Can you disagree with them?  Absolutely!  Do you have to belittle them in the process and push their noses into your beliefs/positions until they give in?  Absolutely not!

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Dealing With It…Random Thoughts

On a day such as this a lot of thoughts go through my head and while the following post doesn’t have a strong theme or story, it is what is in my head and my heart today. 

9AM – I’m supposed to be working today.  I mean I’m at work and trying to be productive, but I’m not being very successful at it. My heart hurts, my heal is full of thoughts and feels like it’s full of cotton balls. My eyes actually hurt just looking at the computer screen. Yesterday, the #NorthIowaBloggers and many others lost a good friend. Amy of Modern Rural Living epitomized positivity, happiness, and living life to the fullest.  Amy’s life was cut short as the result of a tragic car accident yesterday.  I don’t even know where to go with this post after writing that.  My fingers seem frozen over the keyboard.  As hard as I try to focus, it isn’t happening or at least not coming easy.  As I told fellow #NorthIowaBlogger, Beth Ann, this morning…being an adult sucks sometimes.  Dealing with adult issues and then having to do the “adult thing”, which for me is coming to work this morning when all I really want to do is curl up in my jammies and be sad and cry and sleep.

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Feeding the 4-H Club, A Mom’s Cheat Sheet!

Alright moms and step-moms…we’ve all been there before, right? You get the note or phone call that tells you of the good news! You’ve been volunteered to bring snacks or treats for the next 4H club meeting (or girl scouts, an event at school, etc). YAY! The world rejoices that you get to add this to your long list of “to dos” this week. Oh wait, maybe the rest of the world rejoices while mom’s around the world grumble! Well ladies, I have a short-cut, or a cheat sheet, that will make you look like you slaved for hours in the kitchen!

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One of Those Days

Before I begin, I want to thank everyone who commented on any of my posts in December!  We were able to raise $26.00 for the Rossi House!  The exciting part is that this is almost double what I donated last month!  Thank you all for having great hearts!

I met my mom for a walk this other day. As I met her, I said, “Please tell me that you had days when I was little that you thought…it’s only 11AM, it’s not too late to start drinking!” Oh boy did she laugh at me! (And then she proceeded to tell me that she didn’t think of drinking, but of finding someone to pawn me off on!  Comforting and yet disturbing all at once!)

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The Hurricane of Life!

The SS10 spent the weekend with my mom and step-dad while we took SS14 and his girlfriend to the Iowa State football game. Apparently the 10 year old has a much better time at grandma and grandpa’s house because he didn’t want to come home with us last night. Of course grandma and grandpa didn’t argue, so he stayed! (One of the things I love best about where our boys are being raised is their proximity to my parents who love them as their own and my mom and step-dad just live about 10 blocks from us, so it’s very convenient.) Continue reading