Au Revoir, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen…To #TastyTuesday

Before anyone panics, I’m not going anywhere, but #TastyTuesday is! While I love my day dedicated to food and recipes, etc. I’ve discovered that I love food so much, I love cooking so much, and we love eating food so much that I don’t want to be restricted to sharing these things with you to only one day a week! Will there be more than one post dedicated to food each week? Maybe, but that’s not a threat promise…good or bad!  There may be weeks that there are more than one and there might be weeks in which you don’t see any posts about food (but doubtful)!  I hope you can hang with me and this change and still find my recipes delicious and my thoughts about food helpful and interesting!  Stay tuned, a new recipe is coming soon!

#TastyTuesday – A #BeesMeetup with the #NorthIowaBloggers!

I LOVE when I get together with the #NorthIowaBloggers! Everytime we get together, attend a function, or plan something it’s always a different conglomeration of people and it’s always a good time!  This past Monday was no different.  Thanks to Val of Corn, Beans, Pigs, & Kids (even though she ended up not being able to make it) a group of us gathered at the Mason City, Iowa Applebee’s location for a #BeesMeetup.  We warned Applebees via social media that we were coming for them and boy were they ready for us.  They were ready not only on their social media platforms, but also the staff at the restaurant was ready for us!  Thankfully (not sure if it was for us or them) we had an inside hook-up with Loni of Lifestyles of the Pantsless.  Loni is a part-time waitress at Applebees and warned prepped the staff for our arrival.  The manager of the Mason City location was also kind enough to treat us to 9

The bloggers doing what they do best...being on our phones!  Photo Credit to the Applbees hostess!

The bloggers doing what they do best…being on our phones! Photo Credit to the Applbees hostess!

different types of appetizers from their menu!  (Yes, there is only a few more and by ordering we ended up tasting every single one of them!)  The staff was attentive, efficient, courteous, and very tolerable of our group with our chit chat, Tweeting, Facebooking, Instagramming, and requests for pictures!

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#TastyTuesday – Shredded Beef Tostadas

A couple of weeks ago I asked some of my blogging friends for recipes using roasts. You see, we get beef a half a cow at a time from farmers that we know well. We have it taken directly from their farm to our favorite locker (Lewright Meats in Eagle Grove, Iowa) and then it all comes home and fits (almost perfectly) in our upright freezer!  For some reason we seem to have a lot of “extra” roasts, so I’ve been trying different things from Pepsi Roast (it was pretty tasty) to other recipes that were not so much! (That one with the red wine, gak!)  Anyway, Jenny from In the Kitchen With Jenny was kind enough to share her Tostada recipe with me!  (You can find her recipe HERE!)  Now, mine were not hers!  Hers inspired mine, but I will admit that I don’t keep a lot of spices in the house and didn’t have the majority of what she used to make hers, so I just went with the general idea and came up with my version of Shredded Beef Tostadas.


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Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

I love weekends because I usually don’t have to set my alarm clock! I love weekends because I get to drink coffee out of my favorite mug! I love weekends because I get to lounge around for at least an hour in my sweats with said coffee mug! I love weekends becuase I get to actually make breakfasts! Last weekend I couldn’t sleep in for some reason and T was blissfully snoring next to me, so I decided to get up and make us a “real” breakfast. I had some ham in the freezer (like the really good bone in ham) that my mom had sent home with us after Christmas dinner (Aren’t Moms the best?) I decided to whip up a breakfast casserole and thus the new casserole was born and I have to admit…delightfully tasty!


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#TastyTuesday – The NEW Breakfast Sandwich

I run first thing in the morning! My alarm goes off at 5:01 every weekday (don’t ask why 5:01…it goes back to college) and I get up and run or do core/strength training. When I’m done working out, I traditionally am not hungry nor do I have time to sit down and eat breakfast (if I want to make it to work on time)! So, I’m constantly looking for new healthy breakfasts, which are also yummy! In the last week I’ve stumbled across my new favorite breakfast!

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