The Things We Do…

As I type this I am sitting in a camper while it is raining outside. There is a pop up canopy over a fire while a brisket roasts in a cast iron pot. Sitting near the fire is T & M and Miss Nike. Is this my dream of how to spend Memorial Day weekend? Camping in the rain? Not so much! In fact, if wishes were fishes, I would be home on my couch watching a movie in my jammies!  But, we’ve got an11yo who LOVES for

Several games of Skip-Bo and a couple movies is how we spent our morning!

Several games of Skip-Bo and a couple movies is how we spent our morning!

camping, LIVES for this time of year and camping, so here we are…in the rain, smiling even though I’m so tired and want to go home!

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One Hat, 2 Hats, Red Hat, Blue Hat

I know, a cheesy spin-off of Dr. Seuss, right? But, honestly…it describes my life right now. A few months back a friend of mine, Jen over at Just A Mom Giving It A Tri wrote about the different hats that she wears as a woman! Without even realizing it today, I started a Facebook post related to that topic and suddenly I decided it was much better as a blog post! (You can read about Jen & her hats HERE!)

So, how many hats do I wear?  Well, this week for example I am a City Clerk (my full-time big-girl job), wife, step-mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, Norwex consultant, social media expert, and Jamberry Nails consultant.  Whew, I’m exhausted!  So, why do I “do” all these things?  Well, to be honest, I’ve gained so many great skills and experiences, that I can’t help it!  Let’s look at these individually!

  1. City Clerk – I kind of fell into this job!  Ok, well, pushed really!  I was unhappy in my previous job, burned out really, and T basically forced (not really, but I like to tell people he did) me to apply!  So, here I am!  I love the job and the people that I’ve met while doing it.  The experiences and skills that I’ve gained.  But, the why?  Well, to be honest…I helping to raise 2 very active, fast growing boys…they are not cheap to feed!!!
  2. Wife – I do this because I found that person who complimented me!  He is calm when I’m not, he is strong when I am not, and we make a fantastic team!  I’ve also gained skills from being married: negotiating, compromising, patience, growth, etc.
  3. Step-Mom – oh boy…talk about learning!  I have learned that I can love someone who I did not give birth to, more than I love myself!  I’ve learned selflessness and patience, gratitude and strength!
  4. Direct Sales Consultant – I not only have developed my people skills even more so than before, but I’ve also developed a sense of worth by doing “extra” to provide for my family as well as gaining friendships that will last for a long time!  My communication has also been challenged and I’ve been forced to learn different ways to not only read people, but how to respond.

Obviously I’m a daughter, daughter-in-law, and the rest that I listed by default of the other hats that I wear, but it doesn’t mean that those hats haven’t taught me several lessons and have helped me to develop all the other skills that I listed previously.  While some days I’m so busy my own head spins and I feel like my list of “to do’s” is never ending, but I am grateful for the experiences and hats that have been brought into my life.

What hats do you wear??  What have you learned from your different hats?


3 of the hats I wear: wife, Norwex Consultant, Jamberry consultant

3 of the hats I wear: wife, Norwex Consultant, Jamberry consultant

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My True Feelings About Mother’s Day

Can I tell you a secret? I hate Mother’s Day! I love honoring my mom, which I feel that I do throughout the year and of course do my best to make her feel extra special on Mother’s Day, but being a step-mom on Mother’s Day is hard!  This is one of those real times that choosing the path I have is very difficult and the feelings are very raw!

R & M have a mom who is very present in their life and she is a good one!  I will NEVER try to take that away from her!  However, I’d by lying if I didn’t say that it hurts to not be recognized on Mother’s Day for the things that I do to help support and better the boys’ lives as well as love them unconditionally.  I don’t blame anyone for this, I’m not angry with them, T, or anyone else.  It just sucks and there is no good solution.  We try very hard to be very respectful of the boys’ mom and so we don’t make a big deal out of this type of thing (until now…whoops!)  In fact, while I was driving R to his moms this morning, I said to him, “you know Sunday is Mother’s Day…you need to make sure to make your mom a card or something!”  I encourage their relationship and focus on that she is their mother!  However, I will admit that every once in a while, it would be nice if someone recognized me for what I do for the boys.

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To Child Athletes & Parents, Part 2

This is the second post in a 2-part series. If you missed it, catch Dear Child Athletes HERE!

Dear Parents (of Child Athletes),

First, you won’t a more enthusiastic parent in the stands than myself!  I’m the biggest cheerleader there is for my boys and am not afraid of who sees or hears, so before you start thinking that I’m one of those parents who sits on their hands and is silent (ironically, that is T), think again!

These Are Kids – I know that you think you’re setting your kid up for the future, but remember…right now they are kids.  Let them be kids!  Let them have fun and play their sports.  Let them run and get dirty, let them play with their friends…don’t fill their schedules with endless teams and practices.  Make sure they have time to just be kids!!  Be positive and upbeat.  You can provide criticism and coaching and still be positive!  Don’t kill your kids’ spirits!  Remember, they are JUST wpid-1430873347595.jpgKIDS!

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To Child Athletes & Parents, Part 1

This will be a 2 part post to both the child athlete and their parents!

Part 1: Dear Child Athlete

Dear Child Athlete,

I know how excited you get when it’s time for practice, games, etc.  It’s so much fun to be out doing something with your friends!  You have no idea how lucky you are to get to participate in the sports and activities that you do!  There are a few things that I’d like you to keep in mind while you play and participate!

  •  It’s Just a Game! – Remember, no matter what anyone says, it really just is a game.  It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, hit the ball or don’t, pitch a no hitter, set a record, or come in last!  Your future will not be affected by the outcome of this game or activity, I PROMISE!
  • Listen & Learn – organized activities and sports are a great time to learn!  I know what you’re thinking “learning is for school”, but that couldn’t be further than the truth.  We all learn valuable skills & lessons from participating in sports & activities.  Listen to your coaches, think about what they tell you, be a good teammate, and a fair and honest competitor.  You will learn how to take criticism, praise, and how to get along with others!  Those skills will take you so much further in life than knowing how to pitch a curve ball or make the perfect tackle!wpid-1430444733732.jpg
  • Do Your Best – yup, like I said, it’s just a game, but you should put your best foot forward and do your best!  That goes for anything in life!  No matter what you do, do it with pride, passion, and to the best of your ability!  If running that 200M dash in 1 minute is the best to your ability, GREAT!  If standing in the batters box and not flinching, SUPER!  If hitting a home run is your sweet spot, DO IT!  Whatever your best is, do it and do it always!  Having passion and drive will get you further in life than any type of pitch!
  • Have FUN –   You are a child!  Please remember that!  You only have one job right now and that is to be a kid!  I don’t care if your 7 or 17, you’re still a kid!  You don’t have to live out your parents aspirations through your sport or activity.  You need to have fun, learn, and enjoy being a kid.  If something isn’t fun anymore, don’t do it!  Life is too short to be miserable in your extra curricular activities, but find something that makes you happy!  If baseball makes you happy, PLAY!  If working a summer job makes you happy, WORK AWAY!  If learning how to play the tuned bayonets is your mojo, GO FOR IT!  Have fun, enjoy!  (Trust me, there will be plenty of things in life you will have do that HAVING to play soccer even though you hate it, that isn’t worth it!)

I hope you all know how much your parents love you and support you!  Enjoy what you do and do your best!


An Adult