A Goulash Recipe Roundup!

The other night, R was at our house and I asked him what he would like for supper and he declared Goulash. It happens to be one of his favorite recipes. As I was stirring my recipe together, I got to thinking about all the different options and recipes for Goulash in today’s world. While I was in Australia in college I got the privilege of staying in a lot of homes (host families) during my tour with the Castle Singers of Wartburg College.  While staying in Canberra (their capital) I was placed in a home of German immigrants.  They had immigrated to Australia in the 60’s and still spoke German in their home and their accents were so thick that it made it hard to understand some times.  They were great people (even though our host-dad did think the answer for everything was a little “vhisky (whisky)”.  On our second night there our host-mom asked if we liked Goulash!  That sounded so good!  A home cooked meal just like mom made! HA!  Little did I know at that point in my life that not everyone made Goulash the same way.  Imagine my surprise when we sat down for supper and I was served something similar to THIS over noodles! While it was good (hers had quite a bit of a kick) it definitely wasn’t “like mom makes it”!  So, what better than a Goulash round-up with all these thoughts floating in my head?

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