The Things We Do…

As I type this I am sitting in a camper while it is raining outside. There is a pop up canopy over a fire while a brisket roasts in a cast iron pot. Sitting near the fire is T & M and Miss Nike. Is this my dream of how to spend Memorial Day weekend? Camping in the rain? Not so much! In fact, if wishes were fishes, I would be home on my couch watching a movie in my jammies!  But, we’ve got an11yo who LOVES for

Several games of Skip-Bo and a couple movies is how we spent our morning!

Several games of Skip-Bo and a couple movies is how we spent our morning!

camping, LIVES for this time of year and camping, so here we are…in the rain, smiling even though I’m so tired and want to go home!

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T-Shirts & Tears

I folded another “little” shirt the other night and put it on the stack of shirts to sell or giveaway! As I did a tear rolled down my cheek!  M has been growing at a rapid pace lately! Too fast for my liking!! Every weekend when I do laundry, I’m folding at least one shirt that has gotten too small or one pair of pants that look more like capris, or a pair of shorts that are on their way to looking like volleyball shorts…these go into a pile to either giveaway or sell (depending on how long they’ve been around and what kind of conditions they’ve been introduced to during their life in our home)!!

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M is 11!

You’ll forgive me if #TastyTuesday takes a week off so I can recognize M’s 11th birthday right?  I appreciate it!  It’s amazing to me the longer that the boys and I are in each others lives how much I love them and how much more connected to them I become!

Dear M,

You’re 11 today!  I don’t know how it happened!  Do you know that you had just turned 6 when you and your deep brown eyes entered my life?  I could have sworn it was just yesterday!!  I wasn’t there when you were born, or when you took your first steps or said your first words, but you have had, for years now and will continue forever and always, a special place in my heart!  You are such an amazing little boy (and really, not so little anymore as you are on a quest to be bigger than me and you pride yourself in every inch closer that you get!)  I want to keep you little!  I want to keep folding your little clothes, although they keep getting bigger and bigger!  I’m not ready for you to grow up, but I know it’s going to happen no matter what! 

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The Mommy Wand!

It’s Christmas Day night as I write this blog and M is downstairs in bed, sick. Over several hours this afternoon, he developed a fever, sore throat, and became very pale & tired. This is only the second time that he’s been with us when he’s gotten sick. (The other happened to be the flu on Thanksgiving Day a few years back…I’m glad there’s no puking involved today!)

These are one of the days that I wish my mommy wand worked!  No, I’m not his biological mom, but I think we all understand the metaphor!  When I was a teenager and I was sick, or sad, or upset about something  my mom always told me that she wished her mommy wand would still work.  This is the apparent ability that moms have to make everything better when their kids are younger.  As kids grow older, the “wand” stops working.  Problems get bigger, emotions get stronger, and its hard to make everything seem “ok” for their kids.

Tonight, is one of those nights when I wish I had an actual “mommy wand”.  I wish I could take my doodie’s fever away.  I wish I could make his throat stop hurting.  I wish I could take away the fear of maybe going to the dr tomorrow.  Having a sick kid is one of the most helpless feelings as a parent.

So, here’s hoping that he feels better in the morning and my prayers to God tonight work!  Merry Christmas!