#TastyTuesday – Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coffee Cake

Recently on a Sunday I got up and wanted something warm and sweet. It was too late to get cinnamon rolls going, so I decided to throw together a coffee cake. I started by making a base and added a brown sugar oatmeal topping! It turned out great and even T told my mom with a tone of suprise “It was actually good” as though I feed him bad food on a regular basis! Gee thanks dear! (He later clarified that he was suprised because he never though to use oatmeal in a coffee cake).

oatmeal coffee cake

Begin by mixing the cake base together.  Melt the butter, beat in the sugar, eggs, & vanilla.  Then, add the dry

ingredients followed by the milk.  Make sure it is mixed well and pour in a pan (I used a large pie pan for my batch and it worked very well.  Then, melt the butter for your oatmeal topping.  Once melted add the brown sugar and then the oatmeal to make a crumble.  (You can adjust the butter to sugar to oatmeal ratio as needed and to your liking.)  Then, drop it on top of the cake base.

Top Picture: Cake Base Bottom Picture: Cake Base with Brown Sugar Oatmeal Topping before baking

Top Picture: Cake Base
Bottom Picture: Cake Base with Brown Sugar Oatmeal Topping before baking

Bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes or until just started to get golden.  If you so chose, you can drizzle a cream cheese type frosting on the top.  I did, but T & I both agreed that it is sweet enough without it and next time I will omit that part!  I hope you enjoy Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coffee Cake!

The finished product...minus a few pieces!

The finished product…minus a few pieces!


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10 thoughts on “#TastyTuesday – Brown Sugar Oatmeal Coffee Cake

  1. Well, that was a convincing post on facebook! I saw the recipe and was about to drink my afternoon coffee and felt it would be so much nicer with this cake! I made the batter while my son napped, and then he had so much fun helping me mix the topping together after he woke up. It was perfect without added frosting. Mine took a little longer to bake, but I think that might be because my oven is a million years old. Happy to see you’re doing so well!

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