Pizza Taste Off, Second Verse

The North Iowa Bloggers had their pizza taste off a little over a week ago (read about that HERE). While I was attending the event, I received a text from T who told me that he and the boys had decided that we were having a pizza taste test of our own on Sunday…apparently they didn’t want to miss out on all the fun! When I got home, they had decided that we were getting pizzas from Godfathers, Breadeaux, and Caseys in town. They decided that they wanted to get all one flavor to make it (in their words), “a true authentic taste test”. So, after discussion we decided on hamburger as that is a topping that everyone in our house likes.

So, on Sunday we gathered around our dinning room table to taste more pizza! (Trust me, I’ve had enough pizza for several weeks).  We had the three pizzas previously mentioned plus a homemade pizza by Granny (my mom) who thought she could beat the restaurant pizzs and so they (her and my step-dad) joined us in on the fun!  And oh, what fun we had.  It was neat to see how everyone did the taste test differently.  R  tasted each brand one at a time, not even taking another piece until one was gone.  M was very focused and at one point when L (my step-dad) was trying to talk to him he looked and him and said (with a very straight face), “shh, this is serious!”  That kid!!  T, Granny, L, and myself just munched on our pizzas a little bit at a time!  I think we were all just soaking in the time together and listening to the boys!

We found it interesting that when tasting pizzas that were all the same flavor, it became very clear which pizza we liked and which one we didn’t.  It almost changed the flavor of each pizza.  Brands that we thought we liked, we ended up hating.  Pizzas we didn’t think we liked, we ended up loving!

Our voting ballots for the Pizza Taste Test!

Our voting ballots for the Pizza Taste Test!

Of course we had ballotts too.  We broke it down to best sauce, crust, cheese, beef, and overall pizza.  After we each ranked the pizzas, I read the results aloud.  Everyone had strong feelings and while Godfather’s was my favorite, Casey’s was a strong contender in all of our opinions, but in the end…the overall winner was Granny’s homemade pizza!  I guess what they say is true…you can’t beat food created with love!

I’m sure there will be more taste tests in our home because we had such a great time and it made for more family memories.  What would you and your family taste test?

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