Sword Hydration: A Hydrating Review

 I received a SWORD Specialized bottle and samples of Sword Hydration drink mix  for the purposes of reviewing.  All thoughts & opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Back in November I completed my first review of StrideBox.  In that first months delivery I received a sample of SWORD Hydration drink mix.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and I received an email from Shawn Stasko, the Co-Founder and CEO of SWORD.  He had read my review of his product and wanted to send me some more to try and review!  After how pleased I had been with my first experience, how could I say “no”?  When my package arrived, I was

The package of goodies sent to me by the people at SWORD!

The package of goodies sent to me by the people at SWORD!

very pleased!  Not only did he send me samples of the Berry & Ginger Citrus flavors that they already produce, he sent me a SWORD bottle that is designed by the people at Specialized (you know…the bike people?)! I received 2 samples each of their Berry & Ginger Citrus drink mix (already produced) and he sent me 2 samples of the Orange & Green Apple flavors that they are working on developing at this time!  He was great about providing me instructions on how to mix the product as well!

Shawn was kind enough to provide me with a little of the technical background, etc. about the company!

SWORD is a new company only two years young, It was founded by it’s creators Dr. Shawn Stasko, Ph.D. and Dr. Scott Black, M.D. – two doctors who specialize in human performance and sports medicine. They were tired of seeing people in an active lifestyle have to water down the typical ‘sports drinks’ to avoid an upset stomach or a flavor that is too sweet. Also, they knew these drinks weren’t really for performance anymore and are filled with too much simple sugar, artificial colors, and a laundry list of ingredients not natural to our body. The needs of what a body requires during exercise is simple, and that is exactly what SWORD is, simply what you need. With 6 natural ingredients, SWORD does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners and mixes completely clear like water. SWORD delivers the most crucial electrolyte lost in high volume when we sweat, sodium, in a way that not only tastes good, but works to enhance hydration. In addition, SWORD delivers a special blend of energy sources for the short term as well as the long lasting without the stomach problems or the big spike in energy with the crash

Sounds like his and his partner are right on track for producing healthy beneficial alternatives to drinks like Gatorade & PowerAde!

I received the package on a Friday and so the following Monday was my first trial of the products.  I started with the Green Apple as that is a favorite flavor of mine.  Shawn sent recommendations on how to mix my SWORD.  I’ve demonstrated his instructions in this video!

He also suggested not using ice because it can cause clumping and if I wanted it chilled more to mix it up the night before my workout and put it in the fridge, which is what I have done!

Ok, on to the testing of the product!  Traditionally I run 3.33 miles every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday during the winter.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are cross training with cardio (typically elliptical and bike riding) along with strength training and core work.  I’ve always been a water drinker finding sports drinks to be too sweet and not really do anything of importance for me.  So, when I started my work out to test SWORD, I wasn’t expecting anything different.  Here is what I’ve found throughout the week


  1. Sweetness – the drink mixes aren’t too sweet.  They have flavor that is “fresh” without being too overwhelming!
  2. Color – no artifical colors, so no worry about damaging dyes.  The mix is white and it mixes clear!  It also dissolves fully (even after sitting over night, it doesn’t seperate out, which I love!)
  3. Effects – While SWORD not only gives you hydration, I have found that it has long-term effects…I work out first thing in the morning, go home, get ready for work, and drive 15 miles..typically I am sleepy on my drive from getting up early as well as being post run.  I notice a significant difference on the days when I drink SWORD.  I don’t feel that fatigue, but it also doesn’t “wire” you as there is no caffiene in it.

Cons:  In all reality I couldn’t come up with more than one con.  I REALLY like this product!

  • Price – SWORD is on the higher end of the spectrum compared to it’s competitors (or at least those that I have tried).  A 20 serving canister and a bottle similar to the one that I received is $39.95 right now and they are offering FREE shipping!  It’s worth it and I will be purchasing some just for days when I run at that price point.

A side note…Shawn suggested not using ice when mixing it because it could cause clumping and affect the mixing ratio.  I took his advice the first week.  The bottle is not insulated and so it warms quickly while I run (at the gym, not being refrigerated) and so this week I added a handful of ice cubes before I left for the gym and I really didn’t mind that it mellowed the flavor out a little bit.  I like my drinks ICE COLD, so I can deal with it!

Overall, SWORD Hydration is a great product and for those that run or do intense workouts, it would definitely be beneficial!  Now for the uber-exciting part!  Want to try SWORD?  The awesome people at SWORD are giving away 5 gift boxes that will include a Specialized SWORD bottle and three samples of their drink mix!  Click the image below to enter!!





7 thoughts on “Sword Hydration: A Hydrating Review

  1. I was introduced to Sword the Friday before the Sunday Marathon in Houston 2018. My first marathon and this product allowed my to stay hydrated throughout my 26 mile run.

    I use it for my intense cycling, cross training and mountain biking workouts.

    I little high Tim price but compared to 20- 20oz bottles of Gateraid, ok I guess.


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