Share Your World 2014 – Week 47

I always love the questions that Cee from Cee’s Photography come up with each week for the Share Your World Challenge. She really made us think and work this week with her twist, which is to list at least 50 things that make you happy. I LOVE this idea as I believe there is too much negativity in the world and we all need to focus on the blessings in our lives and the things that make us happy! So, without further ado…here are my 50 things that make me happy (and in no particular order)!

  1. T, the love of my life!  I’m so blessed to be married to my best friend!
  2. R & M – I can’t believe how full my life is because of themBeFunky_IMG_20140628_184908.jpg
  3. My parents
  4. BeFunky_IMG_20140423_172002.jpgMs. Nike – she knows how to make every day happy!
  5. Our home – it’s my favorite place to be
  6. the ability to run
  7. my job
  8. singing – I have concerts in my car every night on the way home
  9. my side business with Jamberry Nails
  10. blogging (ironic, right?)
  11. running
  12. working out
  13. getting up early and starting my day before everyone else
  14. coffee in my Las Vegas mug on the weekends
  15. weekend mornings with T
  16. watching R play whichever sport is in seasonBeFunky_SavedImage_4.jpg
  17. watching M ride horses
  18. talking with my mom
  19. hugs from my dad
  20. Maggie
  21. my memories of college days
  22. my friends in the #NorthIowaBloggers
  23. food
  24. ice cream
  25. brownies
  26. Iowa State CyclonesIMG_20140913_175830
  27. Iowa State basketball
  28. listening to music
  29. margaritas
  30. my small town living
  31. my job
  32. cleaning
  33. organizing a messy room or closet
  34. my nephews
  35. visiting my dad’s farm
  36. apples
  37. ice cold milk
  38. date night with T
  39. 4 wheeling
  40. adventures with T
  41. camping
  42. baking
  43. sweet corn grilled on the campfire
  44. egg nog
  45. knowing that I was born & raised a farm girl
  46. working “in the field” with T
  47. adventures in the woods behind our house with my 3 guys
  48. traveling with T
  49. listening to the R & M’s days
  50. Christmas with my 3 guys

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